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December 28, 2001

I cannot stand A. We have been bickering all night and there was a time when it could have gotten better.
I asked A to pick up his stuff and he went on about how I sat at home all day and I should have. This is a person who rarely picks up my stuff. So I got pissed. He started telling me I have to be a real woman. So I told him to be a real man. He was bashing me verbally for not cleaning and I told him that it's just not me. He expects me to do everything and maybe sometimes he'll do something. Nope. For one, I don't feel he deserves that and two, if I was a homemaker, maybe. But I'm not. So, he's stupid. I told him I hate him and I screamed and said f*** you a lot. I slammed doors and left.
Before I walked out he's all, "You need to clean when you get home!"
A parting attack. I f***ing hate him so much sometimes. Sleeping with the enemy. This is such crap.
We can't go two weeks between counseling visits anymore.