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About Me

Why The Dear Diary Blog?

I know that some of you may be uncomfortable with or confused by this blog.
At the start of my other blog I wanted it to be 100% authentic.
And to me, authenticity is owning your junk. 

I went through a horrible time in my previous marriage. 
Most people (my parents included) don't know how bad it was. So I post these entries to shed some light on what my life was like from 2000-2002.
Because it wasn't good. There was nothing good about it.

Yet this period of time shaped me.

God has healed me and I am able to properly function in an amazing marriage.

But that doesn't negate all of my prior experiences.

I think it is necessary to post these entries in order to be the woman I strive to be.

I could take my diaries and read them to myself but that would only create bad things in my  head.

This is cathartic and it's what I need.

Also, perhaps my friends and family who were in my life at that time can read and maybe get some healing from it. Seeing how bad things were then and how GOOD God has been to me should be enough for anyone to be grateful and forgiving!

Thanks for your support and for reading.

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