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June 29, 2001

[in san diego visiting family]

I'm going home tomorrow so I'm excited to see A. I have a counseling appointment next week but I haven't been doing my journaling. I don't feel like thinking about my miscarriage. Maybe when I'm in a sad mood some time.
Ali and I hung out with Brett and [friend] last night. It was fun. I'm glad that there is nothing remaining with Brett & I. Just the friendship that has always been.
I want to move to San Diego. I think A and I both need to be away from our parents and probably everyone so we just have each other. Then maybe we'll become the "best friends" married couples always talk about.
I hope A misses me. I talk to him almost every day but I think he rather enjoys this time apart from me. A lot. Which makes me sad, but I understand because I can be such a flipping monster sometimes.