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June 20, 2001

I saw BJ! We met at Starbucks at 8 and talked until 10! It was really good to see and talk to him. I was able to apologize to him and he said it's okay.
I miss him in a non-romantic way. He's fun. He told me he was the happiest when he was with me. He said he loves his current girlfriend to death but he's not as happy with her as he was with me. I told him things would probably be different if I wouldn't have been 16. He said we were young and stupid and I agreed. So.
I told him to keep in touch, call me sometime and let me know what's up. He said he would. He's glad we're friends at least. I've known him for almost 6 years. Crazy, huh? He's different but the same. But it was a really really cool time and I'm stoked A let me and encouraged me to go.