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February 25, 2002

So okay.
I now know I'm not crazy and my suspicions are true.
That church teaches false things. They say a Christian can be demon possessed. They also give a class on how to speak in tongues. A's friend emailed me and told me that. My dad said that's a sea of red flags.
It is very discouraging, but at the same time good to hear because I know I'm not unhinged.
I drove Lulu by there the other night and I was driving fast and she burst into prayer against that church. It was totally the Holy Spirit because she was so fervent and bold. After she was done she immediately said, "That wasn't me." So...I don't know.
I cannot stand him. I don't think I love him and I don't even want to be with him that much. I am so helpless. We haven't even spoken for 3 days. That's mainly me because I cannot stand him. I really think I loathe him and all he does.
He was telling me today to submit to him and I said no, only if you submit to God. He thinks he is and said so, and I said you're not so I won't. He told me I had to or needed to. Whatever. He is such a weak boy. That is why I think I cannot stand him.
This man who I thought was so strong turned out to be w e a k.