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February 16, 2002

I would love it if we moved.
Oops, I automatically said "we" but, I don't know. I'm such a big talked, I would never leave him but I can't imagine being with Serious Man for the rest of my life. I'm young once, I'm 21 once and I want to live it up.
I just said to him that we're only young once and we're wasting all of our youngness on fighting. I told him I don't want to sit at home night after night and he said, "You don't have to." and I said I want to have fun and he kept playing guitar. How lucky am I to have such a wonderful romantic husband.
I guess if what I only wanted was fun I should've married BJ. He was so fun.
Grrr...marriage shouldn't be one of life's regrets. Marriage should be a great sound decision one makes.
Reading my journal sounds like I'm depressed all of the time. When I'm happy I usually don't want to take the time to write. It seems silly to write when you're happy.
A is so involved with his own stuff he doesn't even care about mine.
Why why why why.
I'm going to make a complaint list.

In No Order1. We don't kiss
2. I am married
3. I don't go out
4. We don't get along
5. I have 1 friend
6. We live in Vegas
7. We have no money
8. We're not friends
9. Struggle to talk