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July 25, 2000

C wrote me a postcard about the Quads [ed note: the Quads are the Quadruplets, aka BRETT] and it made me dream about them and think about them. I wish I could go back in time and erase what I did. Or write Brett a letter. Here is what I'd say.

Dear Brett,
Hey how are you? It must be weird hearing from me after all this time. I am just writing to tell you something.
I am deeply sorry for leading you on last year. It was wrong of me to kiss you when my feelings didn't match. Then I left with no explanation or anything. I am truly sorry if that has hurt you at all. That was never my intent.
I love you as a friend, like the friends we've always been. I hope you can forgive me for my childishness. I miss your friendship.
Sarah T.

But if I
even brought the subject up, I'm afraid that A would be mad. I don't want him to think I'm thinking anything other than friendship. That's all the Quads are to me is friends. Life-long friends. Lord, if it is your will for this situation to be made right, please provide a way. Please prepare the hearts that need to be prepared. I love you. Thank you for YOUR forgiveness. If I never see them again, I know I'll see them in heaven.